Cycling in India

Clients Testimonials

From start to finish we have had a wonderful bicycle trip. It was mainly because of our two wonderful guides Vijay and Mr. Sharma. They were so thoughtful, warm and helpful at all times. Their knowledge and experience have been exceptional. We have always felt safe and well-guided in every situation. Their advice and guidance has always been totally reliable. These two gentlemen are total professionals in every aspect of their work.

We loved the choice of hotels. We were given the best room which has always been beautiful. The food everywhere has been really good. Very nice picnic lunches we have enjoyed. The cycle routes have been varied and exciting and were the ideal distance for us.

Every day there were different things to see. Mr. Vijay and Mr. Sharma are expert in local history, geography and wildlife. They gauged our ability very well and always looked after us noticing when we were tiered and thirsty.

Neil Mackenzie & Rebecca Rendel

11th To 18th October 2017

Udaipur to Jodhpur

Leaving India after a fantastic 2 weeks with we cycled 500km around Rajasthan, the organisation was great by Sabir Mallick, our tour guide Vijay organised the days great, our cycle guide Mr Sharma was brilliant and our driver Satya was the best get way driver possible in the mad traffic! ALL the hotels were heritage and great,some quirky, relaxed, don't expect luxuary but you will get some great experiences. Cant recommend the company highly enough ,2 support vehicles, team of 3 looking after couples. Our lasting memories will be how friendly every one we met were across all walks of life and levels of wealth and lack off. Thank you.

Matt West - Uk - 2017.

When you want to taste the real India you must go with this company! 
Super guide and good bikes 

Fabienne De Vos - Belgium - 2016


"What a wonderful end to our Rajasthan cycle in January! Everything was just right. The hotel we used the last night in Delhi is a keeper. The meal was fantastic. I have not so much experience of that side of India. It is really haute cuisine!

We are thinking for next journeys. One that we want to do for sure is the Kerala region. I think this is probably best timed for after rainy season. We have 15 days next Christmas from 19 December to 02 January.

We are also thinking for a journey for June. Dates are 14 June to about 30 June. I saw the Himalayan family cycle. There is a Srinigar in the route. This must be different from the Kashmir Srinigar?"

- Mr. Eric Mc Donald - Singapore

"Now on the flight home having had a fabulous fortnight in India. Lin and I are both extremely grateful for everything which you and team organised to make our trip such a success.

All the accommodation worked well. Picking out a 'best' and 'worst', we would put Kothi Heritage in Jodhpur at the top of our list. More than anywhere else it was a 'home' rather than a 'hotel' and there was great attention to detail - particularly in respect to food preparation and service.

All the guides worked well for us. Again, to pick out a highlight, I would name Rahul in Delhi. He took time to listen to and understand our questions and most importantly he gave us time to ourselves to digest his information and wander around at our own pace. All the guides were really well informed and good company and there was no one who we could not recommend. Having said that, Ishraq in Jodhpur is, I believe, an acquired taste - but one which we both thoroughly enjoyed!

Food was excellent throughout, though with the exception of Jivitesh as I have mentioned. Our top award for food, however, must go to the Jai Sing Gar in Udaipur - better even than the Raj Palace hotel in Mumbai!.

The cycling was of course our primarily reason for choosing to go with you in the first place and this lived up to our high expectation. It still remains our favourite way of seeing a country.

Our particular thanks go, of course to Sharma and Rakesh, both of whom showed us great care and personal attention. It was naturally great to spend time with Rakesh in his home city and we will miss his humour, friendship and great kindness."

- Best wishes

Chris and Lin, UK

Hi Sabir

"Just made it to the Radisson in Agra. Trip has been very interesting. The cycling was very different, some time good, some time challenging with road and the bikes. The guys Sharma and Kedar have been great. Rajasthan is very interesting! "

- John Goldstein Guzman and Liza Guzman, USA


During my five preceding India journeys starting twenty years ago with thematic: "Following Buddha" (visiting places in the history of Buddha) and in after years followed by Sikkim, Darjeeling, Ladakh, Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, I never felt the same intensity of the land and the people than during this cycling tour in Rajasthan.

- Roger Peerlinck, Aalst Belgium